We are Carruthers!



Clan Carruthers International Society CCIS is an Ancient and Honorable Clan, recognized worldwide through the good works of our Chief and Chieftains.  We have a international governing Board of Directors and are registered and licensed in several countries.






We Are Carruthers!               Promptus Et Fidelis!             Promptus Et Paratus!

Even with over 1200 various spellings of the our proud ancestral name, we are all Carruthers!      This is not the oldest known formation of our name either.

We are Carruthers all around the world.  We have over 10,000 Carruthers in our social medias and with the advancement of DNA and the Carruthers DNA CTS Project we have found that we are all connected with 75,000 year old DNA.

We connect, we learn, we share, and we care about our proud heritage.

“This is who we are!  This is how we roll!”



Join us on the adventure of Carruthers ancestral knowledge:




Main Web Site –  Red Header


Carruthers in the Military:- Green Header


Carruthers and their Viking/Norse Connection –     Ice Blue Header


Carruthers Around the World:    Tartan Header



Preserving Our Past!    Recording Our Present!  Informing Our Future!

The Ancient and Honorable Carruthers Clan International Society LLC

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